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Raj, Vik, and Mukund are dedicated to championing child development and making a wide impact on the lives of kids around the globe. Our board is passionate about equipping children in underdeveloped nations with everything they will need for a lifetime of health, wellness, and smiles along the way.


Dr. Raj Patel

The Sea of Smiles Foundation is a mission that Dr. Raj has envisioned for years. He is proud to have co-created a foundation that works tirelessly to spread humanitarian efforts around the globe. Above all else, Dr. Raj feels blessed to be in a position to impact children's lives. He is proud to be part of a foundation that provides basic necessities and care for kids that are facing circumstances beyond their control.

Dr. Raj has always been passionate about giving back and changing lives. As a young boy, Dr. Raj’s parents instilled in him the drive to help others as much as possible, especially the poor and vulnerable. On his annual family trip to India, Dr. Raj personally witnessed the dire need of communities who lacked the access to basic necessities. His parents took Dr. Raj on these trips not only to make him aware of how fortunate he was, but to also remind him that he could help improve the lives of people in need. Dr. Raj remembers seeing the joy in the faces of those he helped by providing vital resources or a listening ear. The opportunities to aid those in India has propelled Dr. Raj to launch The Sea of Smiles Foundation, so that children around the world can have the opportunity to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

dr. raj patel
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Vik Patel

Inequity throughout the world continues to challenge human society, which has sparked Vik's passion to join the foundation to change the lives of children in sustainable ways. Individuals are born into poverty and difficult social circumstances to no fault of their own. By providing resources, supplies, food, and a genuine will to help, Vik believes we can close the poverty gap and improve many lives. At The Sea of Smiles Foundation, the work does not end just by donating resources. It also involves our own physical hands to build a better future for kids and their communities.


Dr. Mukund Patel

When Dr. Mukund Patel met Dr. Raj years ago, it was Dr. Raj’s character that drew him to join Sea of Smiles. Both doctors abide by the same goal at Sea of Smiles— to serve the community and bring a level of care that goes beyond oral health treatment. Whether it is by helping a child to be in a pain free state or easing a parent's worry, the drive to changes lives holds a deep and meaningful place in Dr Mukund's heart.

This shared value for service and care drove both Dr. Mukund and Dr. Raj to think of how they could help others outside of their office. Growing up, Dr. Mukund was raised to always help those around him that were in need. This is a virtue that has remained with him to this day.

Being able to join Sea of Smiles and give back is a privilege that Dr. Mukund does not take for granted. He is proud to be a part of The Sea of Smiles Foundation and looks forward to serving countless communities and smiles for years to come.

dr. mukund patel

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